High Plains


The High Plains are a savanna-like zone that extends in a triangle shape from the Forest of Creators up to the grasslands and small forests that surround Quald over to the mountains of the Denereg Split.

The plains themselves are lacking any structured civilization but are populated by many tribes of nomadic centaurs. Attempts have been made in the past to farm the High Plains but are eventually abandoned due to poor soil yield and constant centaur threat.

Nomadic Life
Each tribe of centaurs keeps to their own lands which vary depending on the season. The tribes have very little contact with each other outside of choosing mates. Trade is done between the tribes but is typically done via a non-centaur trader or caravan.

Contact with the centaurs is varied. A traveler could have a peaceful encounter with an aggressive tribe just as easily as have a hostile encounter with a friendly one. Because of this contact with centaur tribes is discouraged from the surrounding cities.

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High Plains

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