When the original World Tree was destroyed it frightened a great many people to how powerful the arcane could be. The followers of Erathis, who already put a prime importance of civilization, were driven even further into the belief that civilization equals perfection.

Those followers send expeditions to the edge of the destruction caused by the World Tree and they built a city in order to conquer that nature. That city is Ixinende.


The people here tend to view chaos as profane. They live structured lives and highly value order.


The location of the city was chosen to be completely self-sustainable. Because of this, the import business is small.


The Exarchs of Erathis rule the city in all forms. They makes the laws and execute them.

The criminal element of the city is tolerated as long as they stick to those crimes and vices which have been deemed tolerable. Crime is confined to the Slums and any person who ventures beyond the Slums to commit a criminal act will quickly find themselves in chains.

The chaotic elements of the primal and arcane are seen as criminal and the public practice of either will result in permanent occupation of the jails.


While freedom of worship is technically allowed, the only temples that can be built are to Erathis. While not illegal, any individual found worshiping other gods is seen as suspect.

Points of Interest

Temple of Law
The Temple of Law is the largest building in the islands. It towers above the city and its lights can be seen for miles at sea.

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