According to legend It is said that before the races of men were created that the world was devoid of land. Only the sky and water were present with dragons that soared through both. When the water levels began to sink the first land seen was the Wildspike, a large glass formation towering above all else.

The gods used the Wildspike as a conduit to travel to Solstice and created the races in their own image. They also created the World Tree, a tree that helped to sustain all life in the world.

The power of the Wildspike was evident to man also. One such mage was able to amplify his power to gain meld with the World Tree itself but the corruption of the man onto the tree ripped the world in two. The natural world called Solstice and the shadow realm called the Gloom. The World Tree, which also existed in tandem in the Feywilds was also corrupted there, but the wilds were much more dependent on it’s strength. Fey creatures fled in droves to Solstice along with beings from other corrupted planes near to Solstice.

The visitors to Solstice were vast. Some joined communities, some started communities of their own, and yet others were destroyed, leaving only handfuls of their people alive.

Hundreds of years later and the Wildspike continues to attract visitors from other planes and a new Wild Tree is in its infancy,. As the trees grows, however, it seems to weaken the barrier between the Gloom and now new threats are looming.

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