The city of Herron is artificially crafted in the middle of the ocean. It is not built on any natural land, but exists solely through the means of magic and technology. Large sections of the city are submerged with citizens living under the water itself in contained dwellings.

It was founded by the Archmage Grippus who wanted to showcase his power.


Herron is a city without a middle class. There is a stark contrast between the elite and the poor. The difference nearly always comes down to magical use. The individuals and races with poor casting ability have little hope of becoming anything more.


The city is ruled by The Court of Magi. They hold complete control over all aspects of the city down to the smallest detail, though frequently hire lesser mages for the day to day work.

The law keepers are mostly made up of golems and other animate creatures who are under the direction of other mages who are not members of the council. Opposing the law keepers in any way is warrant for execution. Because of this Herron is equally peaceful as it is draconian.


The people survive on fishing/capturing ocean life and harvesting underwater plant life, though some above ground greenhouses also exist for specialty items.


While there are no official restrictions of religion inside the city, there are also no major temples. Of those that do worship, the gods of the arcane are heavily favored.

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