Heilson Hold


Heilson Hold is a city built and run by a merchants council. It was built to provide a middle ground to traders,nobility and the black market to meet far enough away from prying eyes.

Often know as the smugglers captial, Heilson Hold has provided a haven for deals to be made in privacy. The ruling council of Heilson has gone to great lengths to ensure privacy for its visitors and citizens to conduct business matters that are both legal and possibly illegal.

It grew in size when it provided an alternative to merchants to avoid the taxes and documentation of Rysh. While Heilson Hold is not next to water on either side, it sits on the shortest stretch of land between the two sides.

People and Culture

A culture of individuality, most see the citizens of Heilson Hold as eccentric, abnormal and outlandish. This culture has an appeal to the wanderlust buried deep inside each person, providing the individual a chance experience a medley of culture.

The cities citizens thrive off of trade. Most are drawn the Hold to sale items they have created, crafted or…acquired. A central marketplace within the walls allows a buy to purchase nearly anything they desire. Other citizens make a living as miners. The Hold is located close a large deposit of a limestone like stone, Heilstone, that first drew settlers to the location


Stone. Located at the base of mountain range and less than a days travel to the coast, the mineral rich earth gives much back to the people of Heilson’s hold. The temperate weather make it excellent for growing the more exotic and desirable fruits.

The quarry also provides the sale and trade of Heil-Stone, a durable stone for bricks and building. The extraction and shaping of this stone has because the central driver for the Holds revenue. Heilson Hold has their own mining, shipping and trading company that provides more than enough income to ensure comfortable living for those in charge, with some to spare.


A council made up of 5 merchants representing the 5 most profitable groups of revenue make decisions based on a council vote where the majority vote wins. The Council has no official leader but most see the most profitable merchant as the figurehead.

Foreign Relations

While Rysh may see Heilson Hold as a threat, the feeling is not mutual. For each vessel that is seized by the Rysh navy, the resentment to the taxes of Rysh grow and the popularity of Heilson Hold grows.

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Heilson Hold

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