When the destruction of the World Tree happened it ripped apart both nearby creatures and land. Girsu is the only city in the area that survived that destruction. They survived through strict regulation, forced conscription and a method of education, government and infrastructure that could best be described as Spartan. Despite recent prosperity and a time of relative peace the people refuse to give up their strict and regimented ways believing that “the good days” could end at any time and that they are just preparing for the next apocalyptic catastrophe.

The area surrounding Girsu presents considerable threats to one’s life so typically only the most hearty races come to and survive in the city.

Notable Races:
Dwarves – While the dwarves of Drmdorlun and it’s empire are typically more greedy than a dragon, the dwarves of Girsu are an exception. Those living here have cast off the pursuit of wealth and because of it have been shunned by their brethren.

The city of Girsu is ruled by a circular set of Councils. Each council controls a set of reserve stores. Areas of regulation include, water, food, fuel, clothing, weapons, vehicles, mundane materials, magical materials, etc.

Beyond the councils each person holds a status in the city based on a strict meritocracy. You earn rank only through your contributions to the city’s preparations. Everyone, including outsiders start with a clean slate and are given rations, property and privileges based on their contributions to the greater good.

In the past, any person who was found taking more than their share or in some way acquiring more than they deserved was speedily and very publicly executed. While the sentence is not as hard in the present day, the law still stands and any profiteering or theft will immediately have one in irons.

Since excess is a foreign concept, the people only trade for what they need. Riverboats from Shyj sometimes make their way to Girsu to trade but that is largely one sided.

Freedom is religion is encouraged. The people are allowed to tithe to their gods if they wish. Worship of any god, good or evil is allowed as long as one’s personal actions and merits stay true to the city-line.

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