Ripped from the land by a magic cataclysm thousands of years ago, there are hundreds of islands held in place by some unknown magical energy.

Even before the invention of airships, the orcs who lived in the surrounding mountains would use low flying islands as an opportunity to explore them. Once there they found forests, mountains, and even streams that would flow to the water below. They tamed the drakes who lived in the forests and connected the islands with ropes and ladders. Over time the interconnected islands and towns group into a single city of Fortoss.


The city had traditionally been all orc in the past but as air and planar ship technology has improved, those ships have sailed to further places and brought back a wide variety of races.

Notable Races:
Orcs – The most populated orc city in Solstice. Orcs here are skilled as both sky sailors and riders of the tamed drakes.

Dragons – While dragons are typically solitary, Fortoss has had a long tradition of a handful of dragons who make their home in the city.


The city itself is ruled by an orcish monarchy. The rule of law is protected by the Silver Serpent Dragoons who also keep the monarchy safe.


Despite being in a remote part of the world the air ships of Fortoss trade goods to nearly every city in Solstice. They breed and sell drakes in a limited quantity and the energy that keeps the city afloat also provides the cultivation of certain plants that can’t be grown anywhere else.

Fortoss is one of the only cities that Ambrose trades with. There are is also a profitable trade in leading expeditions to The Colossal Tundra.


The orcish monarchy has long ago banned worship of the traditionally evil or chaotic orc gods since they are seen as a threat to power and control of the monarchy itself. However as more and more foreigners come to live in Fortoss, more orcs leave the city in search of their roots. Those that do worship the dark gods in the city do so in secret.


There are over one hundred floating islands that make up Fortoss. The islands vary in size but there are five in particular which encompass the majority of the city. Each of those five is a district named for the most prominent location on that island.

Palace District

Named for the large palace where the royalty resides. The original city began on this island and thus is the oldest part of the city. The Palace District is both where the poorest and richest inhabitants of the city live, often creating a stark contrast between one road to the next.

Arena District

Fortoss isn’t the only city to have an arena but it is by far the most notorious. It was built on the heart of a magical anomaly of wild magic in a low gravity environment which lets combatants jump and float to amazing heights.

Dragon District

While dragons rarely have any association with civilization, there are three dragons in Fortoss that are the exception to the rule. Each live in separate caverns in the center of the dragon district. People tend to bring them treasure for their hoard in exchange for wisdom or advice.

Port District

The Port District is filled with hundreds of air ships at any one time. Vessels stop there even if they have business in other districts of Fortoss. This is also where new ships are built and sold.

Military District

The home of the Silver Serpent Dragoons which safeguard the city from any threats.

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