The fortress of Ambrose is built high in the Risar Mountains. To live in Ambrose is to never be with want or need. Inside of the fortress of ice are rivers of crystal clear water that flow down the the streets between beautiful fountains. Exotic plants grow between the buildings with a bloom unrivaled on any plane. The denizens of the town live free from death or sickness. But all at a price.

A powerful artifact that emits a necrotic energy turns any who stay too long into an undead being.


Ambrose is inhabited mostly by the dead, but is also sometimes inhabited by creatures who can resist the necrotic aura. Often the sick or dying attempt to make the trip up the long winding path of the mountains in order to prolong their life through undeath. Deva slaves sometimes flee to the city to escape their slave masters.


There is no standing government to speak of, nor is there anything resembling either a city guard or an army. Residents are left to settle disputes among themselves.


Since the fortress is inaccessible from the sea and fatal to most denizens of Solstice, what little trade that is done is done in other cities. The most common trade routes are to nearby Fortoss with air ships.

Some of the undead survive on regular food and water, some can survive on nothing at all, but others must eat flesh to survive. There is a decent market for selling the dead to the traders of Ambrose, but most cities forbid it.


Most of the people worship the same gods that they did before they died. There are temples to a wide variety of gods, though any god that views undeath as unnatural has no place in Ambrose.

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