Ald Rhun

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Carved out of the Denereg Split, Ald Rhun is a city with scattered dwellings. A difficult place to travel to, many creatures seeking refuge and fortitude call this city home.


Riffraff and outcasts call Ald Rhun home, but they keep quiet and to themselves. Long ago, it was a peaceful city built by elves around its central temple. Very few elves remain in Ald Rhun, and its temple now lies empty.


There is no official government or law to speak of. They are generally self-policing, will exile covering a wide range of crimes. The threat of exile is great, however, because if they are living in Ald Rhun it is because they’ve exhausted their opportunities outside.


With no trade to speak of the city is self-sustaining. The tunnels provides streams for drinking and the cave walls are lined with moss that is described as “surprisingly edible”.


There is no public worship to speak of. Those who worship do so privately.

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Ald Rhun

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